Before button smashing games there were beat’em up games, and no one could beat them up better than Bily and Jimmy Lee.

On the second half of the 80’s the arcades started to pop-up with games of this kind. Double Dragon was the first big success, with the twins using spikes and knifes to deliver valuable lessons to the bad guys. Usually this kind of games had a very complex story: there was a girl, kidnaped by some bad guys, and the player needs to save her after beating zillions of thugs. Double Dragon was not an exception. Marian was kidnaped by the Black Warriors, and the brothers – both in love with her – have to save her.

The game was released on the arcades in 1987. After a huge success it was ported to almost every platform available in the following 10 years – ZX Spectrum (of course) Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Sega Master System, Atari (2600, 7800 and ST), Commodore (64 and Amiga), Game Boy, Genesis/Mega Drive, etc. In 2008 the game was released on Wii as a remake and it even hit the Xbox 360. Rumors say that there is a port for iPhone…

Unfortunately some ports were better than others. For example, on NES the game was only able to present two enemies at the same time, and they needed to be equal. But all ports were faithful to the ending game scene. If both players were able to finish the 4 levels, then they would have to fight each other for Marian. There were two dragons but only one Marian, and a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.