I always loved platform games. Secret Agent was a typical platform game with lots of traps and figures to discover, and it was responsible for hours of fun in front of my computer.

The game, developed by Apogee Software and released in 1992, consisted in performing missions with a character called Agent 006. This agent of a government’s secret organization parachuted into a high security island, and his mission was to rescue the recently stolen plans to the ultimate satellite laser weapon.

There were 16 levels to complete, and no specific order to do it. The Agent could walk around the island and chose which level to play, but the final one was only accessible when all other 15 were complete, it was the “main fortress”.

Walking through the labyrinthine structure of each level, Agent 006 had to face and kill lots of human an robotic enemies; locate and destroy a radar; find keys to open locked doors, and a bundle of dynamite to blow up the exit door. Some areas of the levels were inaccessible because of laser barriers, which killed immediately. In order to deactivate it, Agent 006 must found a floppy disk and insert it in a computer terminal.

At the time of this game, several titles hit the market with similar game mechanics.  Some of the most known are Commander Keen, Jill of the Jungle and Duke Nuke. Despite not being the most famous, I think we can say that Secret Agent was an unavoidable reference for all platform games lovers.