Today we decided to bring from 1991 a game that almost everybody played, at least once: Gorillas!

I’m sure you can remember the scenario, where two gorillas stayed in the top of city buildings throwing bananas to each other. The game had to be played by two players and the first hitting his rival with an explosive banana was the winner. There were only two things the player had to control: the angle and velocity of throwing bananas against the other player.

The game was simple, and after a while started to be a little boring. However, as it was distributed with MS-DOS 5 as a demonstration of QBasic, almost everybody spent some time thinking about the most effective angle to kill the opposite gorilla. In my opinion, it was a sort of a didactic game, at least I learned by the most painful way what is a right angle (90º): I killed myself with my banana! (I was only about 6, ok?).

Joining Gorillas in the QBasic demonstration for MS-DOS 5 was another well known game: Nibbles. Basically it was a “snake” game, where you had to collect numbers and try not to collide with walls and the parts of the snake body.

Whether you like it or not, these two games were always there, in your computer, and maybe that’s why they are now part of our collective imagination.