My plan was to write about an Arcade Game that made me spend several coins in my youth. But today I found out that a friend of mine started company named Full Throttle… and it made me remember Ben, the leader of the Polecats.

Full Throttle is a Graphic Adventure published in 1995. Sierra and Lucas Arts were fighting each other for this market, and great titles hit the shelves back then. I might have tried them all… Full Throttle was definitely one of the best.

In the game the user is Ben, a biker in a time were cars are more likely to hovercrafts. He and his gang get into trouble when ambushed by Adrian Ripburger, the vice-president of Corley Motors. Adrian was able to kill his boss and blame the Polecats for the crime. While Ben’s friends spend most of the game in jail, the player needs to help Ben revealing the truth.

During the game Ben meets Moreen. And Moreen can always remember two things: asfalt and trouble!

Although the game can’t be found in the stores, Yodude1017 place the entire movie on Youtube. Feel free to watch the first episode below. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.