It was annoying every-time this game crashed in my old PC, and it happened a lot, however I always came back to this crazy Russian scenario and creatures. Perestroika was a Russian game created for MS-DOS in 1991 by a company called Locis, and it was inspired in the historical USSR politic leaded by Mikhail Gobarchev. An image of his face was the centre of the splash screen, surrounded  by the Kremlin and a sky falling in pieces.

Apparently, the splash screen has no connection to the game itself: a creature (something like a frog, with fly eyes) has to cross the screen in order to collect a coin, jumping on lily pads that are shrinking and disappearing. The game was simple, but it seems it was full of symbolism: the creature (called democrat) has some dots in four colours to collect, symbolizing grocery goods (the blue ones), currency transactions (the pink ones), progressive taxes (the orange ones) and adventures (the red ones). The lilies are compared with the ever-changing laws, always modifying their shape, disappearing and appearing in other places.

So, basically you’re a democrat trying to reach goods and happiness through ways that are always changing. Oh, and you’re life gets even worst when the “bureaucrats” came! Those irritating creatures are always trying to catch you, and if they succeed you die!

The Bureaucrats


The good news, for the ones who enjoyed playing this game in the old times, is that a revival version of the game is now available for iPad and iPhone, and even better, for free!

If you never played Perestroika and you’re curious to try it now, don’t forget: don’t stay in an ever-changing law until it disappears; jump of the to the next ever-changing law, and don’t get caught by a bureaucrat or you’re dead!